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Collection: K-Pop Merchandise

Kpop Tshirts

We design our shirts with the fandom in mind. Not content with simply slapping a logo on a shirt and calling it a day, we take time to create a shirt that plays off of all the jokes the fans make about their favorite artist (out of love, of course).

Kpop Candles

Our kpop candles are made of a premium soy wax and a blend of high-quality fragrance and essential oils that will give a long lasting and clean burn. In over 15 different designs & scents, you can find a candle for your favorite kpop singer or group.

Kpop Merch BTS

The biggest boy band in the world right now is BTS. We love a fandom here at Classy Smashed, so we've created a candle for the group as a whole, and for each individual member. In either Rosemary of Lavender scents, each BTS boy is represented in a 4oz tin candle.