This is me and I'm holding some kpop candles.Hi! My name is John Wilkinson, and I’m based out of Austin, TX. After graduating college in 2014 with a Bachelors in Mass Communications and a minor in Art and Design, I found myself unsure of what I was going to do with my new degree and the path that it would take me. I had really fallen in love with a couple of candle companies that people I knew had created, and I wanted to try it as well. I wanted to take my favorite parts of different candle lines and combine them to make something I was truly proud of. The next year Classy Smashed was born. Starting with 8oz jars and 10  different scents, I’ve since added 4oz tines, multiple new scents, and a line of kpop themed candles and tshirts to the lineup.

Early Beginnings
Ever since I was a 12 year old on Neopets, I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer. I was a computer nerd, but not in the coding or gaming sort of way. I loved using Photoshop to combine all different kinds of elements to create something that was new and interesting. Through Neopets guilds, I found a community online that loved graphic design as well that helped cement my career path. 

Flash forward nearly two decades, and I’m still doing what I love, and have expanded into other mediums to continue creating and growing.

In 2006, when YouTube was still brand new, I created a channel so I could make videos, tell some jokes, and share my point of view with the world. 

Kpop Life
About 10 years ago, I found Kpop and fell in love with the genre. I made a second YouTube channel dedicated solely to making reactions videos, a type of video where you record yourself watching a new music video for the first time and giving your review. At the time, there weren’t many channels doing this, but I hoped that by sharing what I love it would find an audience. 

Now as part of Demographics Entertainment, we put on Kpop Events in Austin and the surrounding cities, where an audience of hundreds show up each month to hear their kpop requests played all night long. As the longest running Kpop event in Texas (and maybe the United States), Demographics Entertainment is helping to build a strong community and continues to quickly grow.