National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse

For every purchase that is made, we donate $1 to the National Association to Stop Conservatorship Abuse. 

We first learned about this issue through Britney Spear's story. For over a decade, she has been under the legal guardianship of her father & court-appointed lawyers. This means she cannot vote, marry, drive, or spend any of her money without first getting approval from her guardian and the courts. After releasing multiple albums, completing several world tours, judging contestants on X-Factor, and maintaining a Vegas residency for years, it has become obvious that this situation is not the right one for Britney Spears.

What we also learned after extensive research is that this is not just a problem for Britney Spears, but that these legal restrictions are wrongfully placed on vulnerable people all the time. These are people who may not have the resources and notoriety that she has, and may never get the attention and justice that their situation needs.

This is why this charity is important to us, and why we thank you for helping us donate to their cause. We encourage you to read more about them at