Kpop Nite 18+ Jan 30th

Kpop Nite 18+ Jan 30th

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On January 30th from 10pm - 2am, we'll be at Sterling Events to dance to the latest and greatest Kpop MVs. We'll have custom designed Tae cupsleeve's on our *adult* bubble tea drinks, and a kpop photo booth.

The stage is open-to-anyone, which means if you know the choreography you can go on stage and dance with other Kpop fans!

We'll also have DJ Baeritoki (https://www.instagram.com/baeritoki/) from Houston guest DJ & local kpop merch vendors.

This event is being limited to 25% capacity to encourage social distancing. Everyone who attends must wear a mask the entire time, those without a mask will be asked to leave.

🔵18+ tickets can be purchased at the door or online.
🔴21+ please register for a free ticket to help us keep an attendance count.