Thick Texas Girl || Peach Nectar 4oz Tin

Thick Texas Girl || Peach Nectar 4oz Tin

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Celebrate the life of a Thick Texas Girl with this daily reminder that the bigger the peach the more JUICE it has!

The 4oz tin has up to 30 hours of burn time, and is hand poured in Austin, TX.

Soy lasts longer than paraffin wax, and it’s better for you the inhale because you are not burning toxins. Soy wax burns much cleaner, leaving little to no soot, and will burn all the way through to the bottom. It’s also better for the environment at large because soy wax comes from soy beans, making it biodegradable. 

Each candle includes a natural cotton wick, and pure fragrance oils often infused with essential oils. We create high-quality, long lasting candles you’re sure to love.